1. "John has been a game changer for my daughter! He has helped her to feel so much more at ease and enjoy her chemistry class by working with her to strengthen her understanding of each unit. Since starting to work with John, her test grades have shot up, and she is confident in her ability to do well in chemistry. John is incredibly knowledgeable of the material, and patient and explains difficult concepts easily as well. We will definitely continue to work with John, and highly recommend him to students at any level of chemistry."
Rosie, 51 lessons with John

2. "Awesome teacher! When my daughter failed her chemistry midterm I was looking for a qualified chemistry tutor. After going through several of them, I was quite disappointed because they focused on solving problems without sufficient explanation of the chemistry concepts. That's when I met John. He really took his time explaining the chemistry concepts, allowing my daughter to get a greater understanding of the concepts, and be confident knowing that she could solve difficult chemistry problems. My daughter jumped from failing her midterm to acing her final. Thanks again, John."
Don, 32 lessons with John

3. "John is an incredible tutor - his patient and calm demeanor makes for a comfortable learning environment and his easy to follow explanations provide a perfect foundation for further knowledge. He sets you up for success by giving you a way to approach problems and understand what each type is asking for. He works out each problem on a whiteboard and talks through each step-it is insanely helpful! It really allows for you to take things slow and understand what is going where. I used John as a tutor for organic chemistry, I'm a student at UC Irvine and I was in my third quarter of ochem. As a professor himself, John was able to answer ANYTHING I asked and related the ochem I had learned in my previous quarters back to what he was explaining. It really helped me to see the connections between information. Tutoring from John is that one-on-one extra office hour you so need with the professor but never get because of all the students. If you need help in chemistry - this is your guy, he is really really amazing."
Sophia, 5 lessons with John

4. "Fantastic Tutor - John helped me with stereochemistry and NMR, and he was the best organic tutor I have had. Not only did he help me complete the assignment, he also explained very important concepts and why things happen. He was extremely patient and helpful, and I would definitely recommend him as an organic tutor."
Gina, 17 lessons with John

5. "John has done a great job at explaining all the topics I needed help on in great detail. I gained a much greater conceptual understanding of the topics I covered with him. He is clearly very experienced in teaching and passionate about chemistry. John is a great chemistry tutor and I would recommend him to anyone taking chemistry."
Anirban, 6 lessons with John

6. "Early in my daughter's first term of Organic Chemistry it was apparent she was struggling. John is an amazing tutor and has been an excellent fit for her. He is very patient. He not only explains underlying principles but anticipates and prepares her for the next question she is likely to see on an exam. He is flexible and very generous with his time. With John's help my daughter completed the term with an A- and has started working with John again this term!"
Barbi, 12 lessons with John

7. "John tutored my daughter in AP Chem from November 2016 through May 2017 on a weekly basis. The AP Chem class was hands down the toughest class my daughter took in school. The year before she took Honors Chem and got As in the class without help. AP Chem was altogether a different story. Right away I hired her a highly recommended chemistry/physics tutor used by several of my friends. But after a month my daughter said he wasn't able to explain the concepts to her and had to look up on google many of the questions she had for him. When I looked for a replacement tutor, what drew me to John was his extensive credentials in chemistry. I am so glad I chose him. In the six months he tutored my daughter, she said he was always patient, that he always knew the answers to the questions she asked, and instead of just having her memorize things, he would walk through the steps to each problem and explain the ideas behind the concepts so she would really understand it. From my perspective, John has always been beyond professional in providing prompt responses and very fair and accurate time for his lessons. If you are in need of an excellent chemistry tutor who really knows the subject, give him a try, you will not regret it."
Julia, 24 lessons with John

8. "I had a hard time in my second organic chemistry class of the series of three classes. I was struggling with the synthesis problems since there were so many different types of reactions. I was overwhelmed. With John's help, he showed me an easier way of remembering the different types of reactions. I ended up doing really well on my final and I passed my class. John saved my grade."
Cara, 8 lessons with John

9. "Fantastic tutor. My child has had numerous sessions with John T. and he has always been 100% awesome. Thank you, John T.!"
Lynne, 6 lessons with John

10. "Very knowledgeable and helped explain hard concepts in a way that I could understand! I highly recommend him! He knows his stuff! He helped me on short notice! He helped explain some very complicated and tough topics in Organic Chemistry and explained them in a way that was easier to understand!"
Courtney , 1 lesson with John

11. "I needed a crash course in HS chemistry. I wasn't really sure what to expect. Well, it turned out that John is a very gifted teacher, not to mention a PhD in OChem! He is able to convey a difficult and tedious subject in a crystal clear and simple way. Within few classes, he helped me cover weeks' worth of topics in inorganic chemistry. What helped me make the best of John's time is to prepare a list of questions prior to the class. Some of the resources that I used explained different topics in a convoluted way. Luckily, John was quick to point out easier ways to understand the issue(s) at hand. I also liked that John's office is quiet and without distractions. I recommend John without any reservation!"
Mostafa, 3 lessons with John

12. "John is a very knowledgable and creative tutor. From the first meeting, he was able to explain and help find ways to understand complex concepts of organic chemistry reactions. He effectively uses his white boards and give suggestions to study the various reactive groupings and organize the information. We are so happy to find a great teacher for our child! We look forward to more sessions with John!"
L, 21 lessons with John

13. "John is very knowledgeable, accessible, personable, great to work with! Our son had been struggling to finish an on line chemistry class, John was able to review the concepts and help our son not only learn them but really understand them."
Kim, 23 lessons with John

14. "John was a fantastic tutor for organic chemistry. He taught me all the mechanisms and the theory behind reactions, not just the reagents. His patient style of teaching works really well!"
Susan, 19 lessons with John

15. "Absolutely amazing tutor! Such a sweet guy and is so helpful! He explains everything to me and is always very patient. Finally someone made it make sense to me!"
Allie, 17 lessons with John

16. "Excellent tutor, very thorough and patient. John has been instrumental in helping me with homework assignments, material review, and preparing for my exams. I couldn't take o-chem and be successful without John's help!"
Dustin, 17 lessons with John

17. "I highly recommend John as a cooperative tutor to all students who are seeking help and improvement in organic chemistry. He's very knowledgeable and informative regarding his subject."
Michelle, 5 lessons with John

18. "John was invaluable to my daughter through a very tough AP Chem course. He was exceedingly patient and always available. He would even review problems by phone and email for last minute tests and quizzes. John is extremely knowledgeable and patient. He gave her the confidence to succeed in this class!"
Karen, 11 lessons with John

19. "I came to John for help in Organic Chemistry. He was very knowledgeable about basic and more advanced topics. He explained things in a way that was easy to understand. After he cleared up a few concepts that I was unsure about, he even went ahead in my book and taught me future reactions that I learned later in the course. I highly recommend John as a tutor, he was very helpful."
Nikki, 3 lessons with John

20. "Knowledgeable and patient tutor. We went over Sn1, Sn2, E1, and E2. It was very helpful. He created real life examples so it was easier for me to understand the information. He draws pictures that make the information easy to understand. He simplifies the most complex concepts."
Jessica, 9 lessons with John

21. "He simplified the concept and broke it down so that it was easy to follow, understand, and apply. It made a huge difference in my understanding of that and helped to understand the concept so well that I was able to explain the same concept to others."
Sarah, 4 lessons with John

22. "John is an amazing tutor. Without him, I would not have been able to continue taking Organic Chemistry. I was very close to dropping the class, but with John's help, I was able to continue and excel in the subject. I could ask him any type of organic chemistry (and even biochem) question, and he not only knows the answer, but explains the concept and details behind the problem. He never made me feel unintelligent for not knowing a specific answer, and would patiently work through each problem. Thanks to John, I have a better and more clear understanding of a highly complex subject, that I would not have been able to attain if I had done it on my own."
Stefani, 11 lessons with John

23. "Great Teacher, extremely patient! John responded to our request really fast and addressed the situation that our daughter is in dealing with a midterm in Chem 1. We are very happy with his response and approach. We already set up a second session. Thank you!"
Cristina, 6 lessons with John

24. "Super helpful and knowledgable! John helped give me a crash course in the organic chemistry nomenclature that I need to know for my NMR Spectroscopy course. He was super helpful and helped me fill in a lot of gaps in my understanding."
Clara, 1 lesson with John

25. "Patient and explains topics clearly! So thankful for Mr. John and his help with organic chem, plus a little of basic chem. Explained everything clearly and throughly! Really cares about the student grasping a topic before moving on! Very patient as well!"
Gracie, 6 lessons with John

26. "My son loved his hour with John and his first comment to me after the lesson was "I finally understand"! John was calm, clear and organized in his explanations. So thank you, John. We will be calling on you again."
Carrie, 1 lesson with John

27. "My child has had numerous sessions with John and he has always been 100% awesome. Thank you, John!"
Lynne, 5 lessons with John

28. "The best decision I made during my time as an organic chemistry student was to start lessons with Dr. Terhorst. It was not a subject that came easily to me at all, but Dr. Terhorst was able to take any question or example I had from class material and break it down in a way that made sense. He emphasized the underlying reasoning behind concepts which made them much easier to remember. Dr. Terhorst also always had tables of information he had prepared (and explained in depth during lessons) that were much more organized than material that I received from from my class, making studying much more efficient. It is clear that he not only has a passion for the subject, but also for teaching. This goes a long way and I would urge anyone in an organic chemistry class to reach out to Dr. Terhorst."
Andrew, 15 lessons with John

29. "John was excellent. Explained concepts with my daughter on her Organic Chemistry. She's been struggling, and John did a great job going over the difficult material and making her feel so much better. She will continue to use him to help navigate through orgo this semester. Thank you!"
Kerri, 5 lessons with John

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